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I have a great passion for my work. I have tried various facets of the technology workplace and I have found that no matter where I go I always find myself back in a field technician position and working on web design and development from my home office. I enjoy resolving issues and saving the day. When you are a field technician it is rare that you are not well received and if you do a good job, people remember you.

You take pride in your work when you see the relief on someone's face as their systems come back online,  their printer starts working again, or they can finally login to their website portal. When you install a new system and you get complimented on the workmanship, that extra mile you went really feels good.

Being a field technician specifically has numerous benefits. Two of which I think are the most important. First and foremost is in most cases you get to work directly with the client that has the problem and make them feel important and they are being addressed. Second is that in this business you come across all sorts of people you work with and work for. In either case you have good and not so good experiences. Just remember it all comes back to us in the end so it is always better to do your best on the job no matter what. Also, some of those experiences that seemed 'not so good' may end up being your greatest reference. Sometimes you won't even know it until much later.

Have a great day today

For my fellow technicians and those interested I have found the following companies to be outstanding in procedures, timely payment, support, and personage.

MurTech Consulting
Field Nation
Advantage Staffing

Always use your own judgment, but these are my top go-to companies for contracts when I am needing some extra work. Some of them I have done long-term work for and still do. Currently, I would vouch for any one of them as a well run company that pays its bills. If any one of them asks for my help and I have a way to schedule it in, I do it

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